MONICA GUTIERRES  I leave behind a very painful story of sadness and the feelings of lack of love and desperation. I was asking God  to send me an angel to help me with my life and be able to see clearly how can I get out of the dilemma I was going through and Catherine Showed up in my life.  After I received my healing from Catherine my life start turning around and start making sense. I was able to start laughing again and recover my wellbeing again. The best of all is I start believing again. Over my life experienced, I realized that there are many lessons that I must learn if I want to transform my life. I am happy and grateful of God spirt and for sending me the person I need it in my life at the exact moment I needed. God bless you ~ Catherine I love you and I value very much what you have done for me.. From Ecuador,Quito ~Monica

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