Testimonies from people who were able to make positive changes in their life through spiritual healing and spiritual connection
"Catherine is an amazing and insightful woman. She is powerful and at the same time, empowering. Catherine helped me realize and achieve balance in my life that I couldn't have done on my own" Thank you Catherine. Hilda C. Florida
“Catherine, I looked for you because I needed guidance but what I found instead was a miracle! Thank's to the Soul healing, I was able to release the pain I was holding from my father and brother death ..After the healing session, I was able to start the process of recovering my peace and faith again . While I was healing I saw you as an angel that God sent you for me restore my relationship with God again. I remember what Peace feels again ..Thank you very much for allowing me to be on the path of peace again .. Love Tatiana G…Florida
Catherine, You enable me to understand my connection with God and to his/her miracles. I know now, I am protected with the Lord and that is always with me at anytime. Without you even know me much or my house, you describe a place of my house that God Spirt guide you for me to pray for God and family since then that is my special place. Thank you very much …Heredia~Florida
Catherine, during our session. I couldn’t understand what was experiencing but I only knew that you brought me into a place I've never been before. A place that it was so peaceful and beautiful. With tears in my eyes, I woke up amaze by the joy and love I found. Now I know this place exist and I now have access to it at anytime. Thank you very much …. Anthony V.
Catherine, Thank you very much for helping me to remember how to forgive and how to be grateful. I had so much hate for my husband that I couldn't let it go and I didn't realize that the exact emotions was hurting me for many years. During my Soul healing session I was able to release those negative feelings I was attached to. I felt the uplifting within my soul after I release them. Thank you for bringing me to the path of peace and love inside of me ..Soledad D…Peru

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