Energy Cleansing



  • Clear Your Aura
  • Align your chakras
  • Clear energy spaces in your home 



 Energy blockages can be very strong and easily attach and impregnate in the person's energy field and in spaces. Energy blockages can affect person's moods and create conflicts in peoples lives.  

Envy, jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, resentment and other energies carry an extremely quantity of energy  that sometimes can be challenging to get rid of it  by yourself.  Those strong energies can deform person's appearance, destroy love, beauty, joy, abundance and interrupt the natural flow of  life within the self and their prosperity.

Catherine recommends this session for everyone who is looking to attain emotional balance, starting a new job,  business,  relationship, project or want to shift your energy field. Catherine will be intuitively guided to perceive the energy blockages that are affecting the natural flow of positive energy around yourself and your environment. She will help you remove energy blockages through every corner in your home.


What to expect from the session

  • She will create an energy center space in your home that will help to create more unity and harmony among everyone who lives in your home.

  • She will recommend or facilitate you with the crystals you'll need around your space. Crystals help to enhance light energy

  • She will clear your space with sage,  Divine connection, Reiki healing energy, healing water and with singing bowls sounds, candles and a prayer ritual that she will receive for her to announce it in the house as a blessing

  • She will place symbols around your home for protection. The symbols she will place during her sessions are spiritually. She channels specific symbols for sealing your home against harm or negative energy

  • She will recommend or facilitate you with some physical symbols  items that will be previously blessed before placing them in your home.

    Session Details: During session, depending on her guidance and the client consent she uses different tool options such as pendulum, healing water, flowers, crystals, sage, Incenses, singing bowls, symbols  and others.  


Catherine will always respect your cultural and spiritual beliefs. She is a channel of light and her intentions are only done for healing, protection and family unity. Her gifts are for helping others to attain peace, joy, love and abundance in their life. 


Session Information:

Each session takes approximate  2  hours

Sessions price: $350.00

The session is done only in person

Catherine is located in Weston. She will drive 20 miles radius from her area 


**For now Catherine offers her private person sessions only to local residents in South Florida (From West Palm Beach to Kendall) for now she is not traveling outside Florida


Some crystals have higher frequencies, and their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration and  to clear space.  







You will clear your energy field and balance your chakras.





After the energy cleansing session, you  will right away feel and see the shifting of energy.  You will raise your vibration and attract the best of yourself into your life!