• What to expect during the session: During a session Catherine becomes the instrument communicator that will help you to identify the roots that are causing your self-created blockages within yourself. Once identified Catherine is able to help you to remove these self-created blockages through spiritual connection.  Healing can show differently for each person as each session is different for each individual.  During  the session you may or may not notice particular sensations and waves of energy flowing through your body.  You may experience visual images, or experience different feelings and emotions. Or you may simply have a feeling of well-being. Depending on your level of spiritual connection you will be able to see, feel or remember your own connection with Divinity. Some other times someone who passed away comes during the healing session to assist us. 

  • Your role during the session: This works unfolds in partnership. Each session is a “conversation” between Catherine higher consciousness, and the client’s inner knowing. The sessions are held in a container of love, compassion and understanding. The goal of the work is to help you to feel empowered and more connected to your true authentic self and  attain wellbeing 
  •  What to Expect After a Session:  energetic sessions can be powerful. You may find that afterwards you are more alert than usual, or calmer, or more inward. Some clients feel as if they are “seeing the world with new eyes.” Others feel tired and/or emotional, and may need more sleep. Some clients find they have a physical release, which can include belching, coughing, and changes in digestion, and the need to sleep. All of this is a normal response to the work and should subside within a few days. After a session, self-care is important. I suggest drinking a lot of clean water, getting enough rest, and eating well. Be kind and gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to integrate



All sessions are conducted by Catherine. The sessions are one to one In-person or remotely (Distance) through webcam or over the phone.  Spanish or English




$190.00 /Duration 60 minutes (session in person )

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing

Deep Relaxation
• Clarity of Mind
• Emotional Healing
• Spiritual Development
• Mind, body & soul balance
• Pain Relief
• Relaxation

Divine Healing Touch



$190.00 /Duration 60 minutes (session in person )

Raise your energy vibration and receive Divine messages

Raise your energy vibration
Receive Divine healing energy & messages
Receive messages from your Guardian Angel
Connect with your inner child
Develop your natural gifts
Discover your life purpose
Clear Your Aura
Align your chakras
Release emotional blockages

I am



$190.00 /Duration 60 minutes (session in person)

Self Balance (Soul, mind and body alignment)

Identify the root that is causing your self-created blockages
Release energy blockages (limiting beliefs, self doubts, emotional imbalances)
Eliminate negative behavior patterns and reinforce the positive ones
Raise your energy field (Aura clearing - Chakra balancing)
Synchronize with the universe (positive energy flow)
Emotional Balance