I heal with love | I restore my love relationships | I attract more love into my life |

"Love is the center of my being"


I want to welcome you to The Love Relationship Coaching Program, which is designed to help others to heal/restore love relationships and attract more love into your life. Step by step you'll learn about energy healing,  how it works and how to use it to transform yourself and love life. 


Love others with trust and freedom

Heal and restore your love relationships

Build new and healthy relationships

Remove energy blockages 


The clients who decide the coaching program they usually already experienced The Intuitive Soul healing session witch is the first step to transformation. During each session you will learn how to reconnect with your soul and remove energy blockages from your energy field that you might have accumulated during your life experiences and is affecting your life in the present moment. Everytime you remove energy blockages from your energy field, healing will take place.The life coaching program is a group of energy healing sessions with Catherine. Each session takes approximate 60  minutes. The Sessions can be done in person or  remotely (Video Chat) in Spanish or English. 

 Healing with love will help you to


  • Express in a loving way with others (Verbal or actions) 
  • Remove energy blockages that are damaging your love life 
  • Improve your verbal communication
  • Rebuild trust and intimacy 
  • Remove jealousy blockages
  • Restore and rebuild your marriage
  • Restore your family and friends relationships
  • Attract more love into your life  
  • Be open to love without fear 
  • Detachment from toxic relationships
  • Detachment from relationship imbalances 
  • Restore and heal from relationship breakups 
  • Bring healthy relationships into your life 
  • Attain freedom from manipulation and control 
  • Balance and strength your love life 

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When we connect with our pure essence, we become powerful and as powerful beings. We free ourselves from manipulation  or control of anyone or anything..  We love others freely, without fears, or expectations. We build unity and friendship with our relationships.  We give what we want to give and we receive with appreciation. We say no when we have to say no and be flexible when we need to be flexible. We develop unconditional love, understanding, appreciation, respect and compassion for others~ Catherine 

Catherine believes that our natural essence is pure love, but due to life events the soul starts blocking that natural flow and  expression of it!

  When Catherine mentions here the Spirt Love, she's referring to the Love Energy that exist as a Spirt within our ourselves that allow us to heal and restore ourselves to our natural state of being


Coaching Program Steps:

  1. Level I - Soul Healing Connect with your soul. Find self blockages (introduction to energy healing)
  2. Level II - Raise your energy vibration (remove self blockages)
  3. Level III - Transformation process (Creating Future)
  4. Level IV - Manifestations, creating your new reality. Atracting your objectives