Emotional Balance | Peaceful Mind |Healthy Body

The I AM coaching program is designed to help the individual to attain self balance (mind, body and soul). Through energy healing the individual will be able to release energy blockages that are affecting the individual wellbeing.  The I AM Program will help the individual to reconnect with the positive flow of life so they can move with life at ease and enjoyment. 

Catherine believes well-being is the natural state of every human being and the accumulation of traumatic events during a person's life could create energy blockages within the person.

The energy healing session helps the person to restore their life  from past wounds that are causing them to experience emotional blockages and is creating negative experiences and self unbalances.

  "I think, I feel, therefore, I exist"


  • Peaceful and quiet mind 
  • Healthy Body
  • Remove energy blockages 


The life coaching program is a group of energy healing sessions with Catherine. The Sessions can be done in person or  remotely (Video Chat). 

The clients who decide the coaching program they usually already experienced The Intuitive Soul healing session witch is the first step to transformation. During each session you will learn how to reconnect with your soul and remove energy blockages from your energy field that you might have accumulated during your life experiences and is affecting your life in the present moment. Everytime you remove energy blockages from your energy field, healing will take place.


Coaching Program Steps:

  1. Level I - Soul Healing Connect with your soul. Find self blockages (introduction to energy healing)
  2. Level II - Raise your energy vibration (remove self blockages)
  3. Level III - Transformation process (Creating Future)
  4. Level IV - Manifestations, creating your new reality. Atracting your objectives 

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Healing energy will help you to


  • Detach  from negative feelings and emotions
  • Release negative thinking 
  • Will help you to release from words that are causing strong emotional reactions
  • Learn new ways to change self-destructive behaviors
  • Raise mind awareness 
  • Bring more love, peace, joy and fulfillment 
  • Release negative beliefs that are creating self-conflicts
  •  You will be in a state of awareness which allows you to make choices that are rational 
  • Remove fears 
  • Mind clarity
  • Bring emotional stability
  • Remove guilt and resentment 
  • Brings peace and clarity in your mind
  • Emotional stability
  • raise self esteem 
  • Remove self judgments
  • Raise self esteem and remove self judgments
  • Bring emotional stability
  • Release guilt and resentment