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The "Better Me" is a self developing life coaching program designed to help others  to become master creators of their life . The program focus on helping the individual with their self growth. The transformation process is done through energy healing and spiritual connection. 

The coaching program is a group of energy healing sessions with Catherine.    If you are looking for a new job, changing careers, life purpose, looking to improve your leadership skills or  time management this program is for you!



 Coaching Program Benefits 

• Remove your limited beliefs 

• Strength your inner power

• Synchronize with your inner soul and life purpose

• Monitor and measure performance results  vs time

• Become financially independent 

• Progress in your career 

• Strategies your career life and business goals

• Build your life future

• Life direction

• Defined realistic goals

• Improve problem solving skills

• Increase self esteem 

• Increase your verbal expression

• Expand your creativity 

• Discover or develop  skills, talents and virtues

• Solidify your true self 


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The Program Goal: Enable you to expand and growth. Find your self- blockages and limits.  Build your future. Learn about energy healing, spiritual connection, and self blockages. 

The Program will help you to move forward at ease to your objectives, attain mind, clarity, improve your organization skills, improve solving skills, create strategic plans and be able to redirect your life into the life you desire to experience.

Catherine will intuitively help you to identify and release the roots of your energy blockages that are holding you back and is limiting your self growth and is manifesting in your life negatively through your self actions.  You will find the hidden answers that your soul desires to express

During each session you will learn about your soul blockages, energy connection, healing, raise your vibration and be able to move forward to your objective.    


Coaching Program Steps:

  1. Level I - Soul Healing Connect with your soul. Find self blockages (introduction to energy healing)
  2. Level II - Raise your energy vibration (remove self blockages)
  3. Level III - Transformation process (Creating Future)
  4. Level IV - Manifestations, creating your new reality. Atracting your objectives 

“We are all powerful beings with unique talents, virtues and skills, but is up to each of us to tap into our own power and be able to maximaze it” ~Catherine Reyes


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