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The Life Coaching Program is a group of energy healing sessions designed to help others to transform different areas of their life through spiritual connection. Catherine coaching techniques will help the individual to attain emotional balance, improve their love relationships and will improve their self development.

 The process enables the individual to attain their goals with a clear mind and confidence.  You will move forward with the energy of life that is constantly in our favor. 

The goal of the program is to help you to transform your life by helping you to attain balance, remove self blockages and lead your life to your goal objectives. Healing will enable you to see life challenges with the eyes of clarity "truth" and not through emotions. Your transformation will not only help "You" but will also help your relationship with others. 

Catherine life coaching is not about breaking through present life challenges, but instead move with the flow of life without resistance. Is the act of allowance and trust your feelings. When your soul is in alignment, your energy becomes stronger and work as a magnet that bring a flow of positive events into your life.     



The coaching program is available in-person or remotely ( by distance) in  Spanish and English

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I AM – Wellbeing Coaching

$650.00 / 4 sessions in person or by distance

I AM – WELLNESS COACHING Emotional Balance | Peaceful Mind |Healthy Body The I AM coaching program is designed to help the individual to attain self balance (mind, body and soul). Through energy healing the individual will be able to release energy blockages that are affecting

Attain emotional Balance
Peaceful and quiet mind
Healthy Body
Remove energy blockages

Love and relationships life coaching program

I LOVE – Love Relationships Coaching

$650.00 /4 sessions in person or by distance

I heal with love | I restore my love relationships | I attract more love into my life |

The Love Relationship Coaching Program is designed to help you to heal/restore your love relationships and attract more love into your life. Step by step you'll learn about energy healing, how it works and how to use it to transform yourself and love life.

Love others with trust and freedom
Heal and restore your love relationships
Build new and healthy relationships
Remove energy blockages
Raise your vibrational energy

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BETTER ME – Self Development Coaching

$650.00 /4 sessions in person or by distance

The "Better Me" is a self developing life coaching program designed to help others to become master creators of their life . The program helps the individual with their self growth. The transformation process is done through energy healing and spiritual connection