Spiritual life coach, healer and teacherShort Bio:

Catherine was born and raised in Lima Peru. At the age of 6  Catherine started her journey to finding God and her life purpose. She was supported by her parents  to choose her religion and to explore her spiritual practices.

During her life, Catherine belonged to many religious groups where she was able to learn and experience God’s miracles.  At the age of 7 she was spiritually touch by  Juan Pablo II presence while visiting Peru.

Her story: Feb.(1985).  The Pope John Paul II was passing through Catherine neighborhood blessing communities.  She knew this was a miracle because the events that took place was perfectly synchronize for her to be there. She find out the same morning he was visiting Lima  and only  8 minutes away from her house.  She was only 7 years and went with her 11 years old sister to see him , surrounded by a multitude of people around her, he passed next to her and nod his head at her while looking at her directly straight to her eyes, smile and waive his hand at her.  She felt deeply touched by his spirt and to spiritual call

At the age of 11, Catherine received her first spiritual healing by a priest at a Catholic church. After this experience, her journey with healing through Spiritual connection was only the beginning of what she now teaches and practice

At the age of 15 she started receiving prophetic dreams and revelations about the spirit world and her life future. Those revelations  were very important parts of her life process

At the age of 33 during a  difficult time in  her life and  just right after she decided to give up on her search for her spiritual life purpose, Divinity revealed Catherine her natural gift  in the essence of healing for her to used it during her own life transformation and also to be able of being fully conscious through all the times that she was surrounded by angel interventions during her life.

Catherine has an innate ability to guide others to heal by helping them to find the wounds that are are blocking the disconnection of the soul with the individual.  She enable them to release those energy blockages so they can naturally heal

Catherine study Business and Marketing in  The University of Quito Ecuador worked in the area of business and marketing and for more than a decade thrived as an entrepreneur, but after her encounter with Divinity during her own spiritual transformation she transformed her life entirely dedicating herself to the teachings of  Spirituality and to the Miracles of Healing.

Today, Catherine offers private intuitive healing sessions and teach others about the miracles of healing to people that are into the path of life transformation and want to achieve wellbeing in their lives.

She is a mother of two beautiful teenagers and lives in South Florida. Return to home page ..click here 

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