Life transformation is a big decision.  Healing your life is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself! I work with people at all different levels in the healing spectrum and am particularly interested in supporting individuals who are ready to make positive shifts in their lives. The Love Of Healing life coaching programs are not about breaking through life challenges, but instead allowing life energy, restore you and move you forward. I promise you that after experiencing healing energy, your life will never be the same


The Love Of Healing is non-denominational healing method that involves working with the person's energy field and  spiritual connection. This energy healing method is a technique process that enables the individual to recover and integrate the lost aspects of their soul essence which may have disassociated due to trauma, drama, illness, or injury. This soul integration process helps the individual to restore their life by enabling them to return to their natural state of well being,  and experience again the positive flow of life 



Helps others to transform their life through energy healing sessions and life coaching programs.  Attain well-being, restore relationships, remove self blockages and improve your self development.


Established in 2011.

For many years Catherine has helped individuals around the world to transform their life. Her teachings facilitate new ways to help individuals on the path to personal and professional growth base on their own spiritual beliefs and unique values. In 2011, Catherine created The Love of Healing in honor to the energy of life that comes from the universe and creates miracles in people's live's!