tumblr_mn0df0fIaZ1sqhtkyo1_250Welcome to THE LOVE OF HEALING.COM


Here you will be able to have access to intuitive healing sessions, transformational life coaching programs, and  workshops.  The sessions are conducted by Catherine Reyes. She offers sessions online and in person. The Love Of Healing.com is her virtual office that help her to help others to around the world to have access to her healing sessions and programs



"The decision to commit to your own self-growth and life transformation is a brave one. I congratulate you on your choice and in your willingness to take the next step in your own evolution, and am honored to support you.   Life transformation is a big decision, takes will and courage. I always remain to my clients all the rewards that come into their life after healing. After experiencing healing energy, your life will never be the same. Healing your life is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself! "I work with people at all different places in the healing spectrum and am particularly interested in supporting individuals who are ready and willing to make positive shifts in their lives" . The best best part of healing is that healing is not about breaking through life, but instead of allowing life energy to restore you and moves you forward to a better place"  Click here to read more about me 




Catherine private healing sessions are in person, over the phone or online. Find below what option fits best for you