What is Spiritual Transformation?

Spirituality, is an inner path that enables the person to discover the essence of his/her being. It is the deepest values and meanings by which people live. It is the process of re-formation to recover the original shape of the soul . The term spirit means “animating or vital principle in man and animals” which comes from the Latin word spiritus “soul, vigor, courage”and is related to spirare, “to breathe”


What is Spiritual Healing and what can healing do for you?

Spiritual Healing is the process that restore the soul from emotional wounds that is interrupting the flow of life and the natural state of wellbeing.The healing process begins when the person start reconnecting with the soul and God Spirit. This re-connection will help you to be free from emotional wounds, let go hurtful past experiences, conquer fears, attain emotional balance, mental peace, break limited beliefs, transform your love relationships and achieve success in your life 

Is Healing a Religion?

Healing is not a religion. It is a self discover process where the person allowed herself to be free from any emotional wounds,  pain, fears or limitations through the connection of their soul with the Spirit of God


Meet Catherine Reyes – Spiritual Healer & Life Coach Adviser, her teachings about healing help her to transform her life and to the many others who are in the path of self transformation.  Catherine teachings are being guided by the spirt of God/life/love to teach others about how to love can transform the soul. 

Life transformation coaching areas:

Self transformation  

Love & Relationships 

Business and carrier advancements

You will detach from negative patterns and self destructive behaviors

You will detach you from negative people in your life

You will detach from negative beliefs, emotions and feelings

You will attain (mind clarity, body control and emotional balance

Heal your mind and you will attain peace and clarity

Heal your body and you will attain body control 

Heal your soul and you will attain emotional balance 

Heal with love and you will heal with your love relationships

Heal with money and attract more abundance in your life 

Re-connect with your soul and understand your soul purpose and life challenges, true self gifts and natural talents


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