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M- Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 3:pm
Sund: Closed

Meet Catherine

Hi! I'm Catherine
a spiritual life coach, clairvoyant, energy healer & a passionate seeker of the true knowledge of Love. I use my natural gift to help others to shift, change, and transform their lives
Give yourself the opportunity to expand!
My experience with Catherine was amazing! After working with her, I feel connected to my true self and fill up with Love!. I feel connected to Source. Fear and doubt have left the building. I now have the tools to return to peace at any moment. I’ve been on a “spiritual” journey for years now. And I asked myself…”How have I not known this way was available to me the whole time!” I have a whole new relationship to the word “surrender”! Thank you Catherine for being a catalyst in transforming my life and rewriting my future! I am blessed to have crossed path with you and I know it was not an accident. God bless your journey and I highly recommend Catherine as a Spiritual Counselor!. She has produced the most amounts of results for me personally and I ‘am utterly grateful
~ Suzanne Codwell



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